Interactive textiles (IT) are new type of textiles that are enhanced with other materials or technology

These additional materials and/or electronics give extra functionalities to sense, control, and/or to react.



This is our demo page, explore what would be available in the library.

Capacitive Touch Slider 

L A M I N A T E D   S L I D E R

A slider made with two types of fabrics laminated on top of each other, ideal for quick try outs or laser cut patterns.

Capacitive Touch Slider

W O V E N   S L I D E R

A woven slider made with non-woven textiles. Ideal for big surface  interactions

Capacitive Touch Slider

E M B R O I D E R E D   S L I D E R

You can enhance any embroidered pattern with interactive areas, try it out!



ITL is a collection of online and offline interactive textiles. These samples are based upon published research and general developments in the field of textile design, interaction design and textile engineering. The aim of this library is to help you to implement textile innovation in your work with ease and provide customization opportunities.

The digital library

Digital samples with extensive information regarding material characteristics, interactive capabilities, technical specs, production methods, customization opportunities and hacking methods of the samples

The physical library

Unlike other physical collections, we are not bound to a single location. We deliver the textile collections directly to you with all electronics and means necessary to use, explore and experience the functionalities of the interactive textiles.


Become part of our community and get notified or explore the developments in the field of interactive textiles. Be the first one to know about the new IT collections that we are developing. 




This is a Final Master Project by Julia van Zilt. She is a student at the Eindhoven Technical University in the Department of Industrial Design. 

She aims to bring textile innovation closer to the industry by providing textile collections and all information needed to introduce these into near-future products. With a passion for textiles and technological innovation, she sees an opportunity to stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations and want to help different industries to share their knowledge and expertise regarding interactive textiles.

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