Back to Basics


This is our demo page, these samples belong to our first collection Back to Basics. This collection uses capacitive technologies to enhance textiles to sense or to be actuated. 

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Capacitive Touch Slider 

L A M I N A T E D   S L I D E R

A slider made with two types of fabrics laminated on top of each other, ideal for quick try outs or laser cut patterns.

Capacitive Touch Slider

W O V E N   S L I D E R

A woven slider made with non-woven textiles. Ideal for big surface  interactions


T E X T U R E D   B U T T O N

Use textures on textiles to create intuitive interactive areas on textiles

Capacitive Touch Circular Slider

E M B R O I D E R E D    T O U C H

Actuated textiles

E M B E L L I S H E D   L I G H T

Light can be obvious and pretty, check it out here!

Create circular or organic shape slider with conductive yarns.

Actuated Textiles

C I R C U L A R   L I G H T

Click here to discover how to make light in fabrics look interesting.